Murals and Mosaics

Personalised Mosaics are an overall image made up of a number of different smaller images such as wedding photographs, holiday snaps or family pictures. You can choose either one photograph to be made up of the smaller mosaic images – a building, faces, pet - or put words on top of the mosaic – MR&MRS, Holidays, etc.

Personalised Murals are a way of transforming your images into a carefully composed design and displaying your photographs in stunning style. The murals can be in colour, black or white, or a mixture of both.

All of the artwork is printed on high quality canvas and produced in Britain. With both the Personalised Mosaics and Murals discounts are available on multiple orders of the same design. As each product is bespoke, the design and production process takes about three weeks. Once you have placed your order we will contact you with all the information you need and confirm production time. SHOP the collection below or CONTACT us if you have any questions.